Riverside Logistics Competes in 2018 RVA LogistXGames!

Xgames pictureRiverside Logistics and ten other teams from a variety of companies in the Richmond area competed in the fourth annual RVA LogistXGames on Thursday April 26, 2018.  Sponsored by CBRE/Richmond, the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA) and the Virginia Port Authority, the event is designed to showcase the talents of employees in this business sector, as well as emphasize the importance of logistics and distribution to the region. The proceeds support workforce development programs available through the Community College Workforce Alliance. This year the games raised $20,000.

As in previous years, the competition was friendly but fierce in events like those performed daily in warehouse environments.  The Riverside team consisted of two men and two women who demonstrated their skills in events like the Pallet Puzzle Sprint, the Pallet Jack Relay, the Pick/Pack Hurdle and the Box Put.

SARA Logistics Games

The Riverside team won two events…the box decorating event for the Box Put and the Box Put event itself.  Sara DeLancy decorated the box, using her considerable artistic talents. Sara is a member of Riverside’s Transportation team.  Louis Watson successfully threw the box that Sara decorated the farthest of all the teams (over 48 feet) without breaking the three bottles carefully wrapped inside by team members Jogli Vega, Jennifer Rivera, and Cynthia Jackson.  Congratulations Captain Michael Kenny and to all the competitors!  We look forward to seeing you again next year!


Riverside Logistics Services is excited to announce the opening of a new 121,000 square foot warehouse facility in the Southpark Industrial Complex located at 5200 Commerce Road, Richmond, VA.

Press Release                                                 April 12, 2018

Richmond, VA

Riverside Logistics Services is excited to announce the opening of a new 121,000 square foot warehouse facility in the Southpark Industrial Complex located at 5200 Commerce Road, Richmond, VA.

This location is strategically located near the Port of Richmond and will provide 54,000 square feet of expansion storage space for a recently contracted international import customer. The new customer will be moving their distribution from Norfolk, VA to Richmond, VA.

This expansion will increase Riverside’s footprint to 600,000 square feet in the Richmond Metro area. Riverside Logistics headquartered in Henrico County, Virginia is a leading provider of integrated logistics solutions. The company provides warehousing, transportation, logistics management and consulting to manufacturers and distributors of a wide variety of materials worldwide.

Download Press Release- Riverside Logistics – Press Release -New Warehouse 4-12-18

Riverside Logistics and the 2018 RVA LogistXGames

Riverside Logistics is excited to announce that we will be a sponsor and competitor in the 2018 RVA LogistXGames. The games will be held on Thursday April 26, 2018 to raise money “in support of logistics programs offered by the Community College Workforce Alliance (www.ccwatraining.org)”. The event is hosted by CBRE|Richmond and boasts two dozen corporate sponsors.

This is the fourth year of the LogistXGames in Richmond and Riverside Logistics has competed each year. The LogistXGames consists of events similar to activities performed every day in the logistics work environment…but with fun twists. Riverside looks forward to competing with five other teams from the area to win the coveted Golden Pallet Award.

Riverside Logistics is proud to announce the purchased 25 new 2018 Great Dane trailers.

Riverside Logistics New Trailers 18Riverside Logistics is proud to announce the addition of 25 new Great Dane trailers to its trailer pool. The trailers were purchased to provide extra capacity for our customers and expansion of new lanes with both new and existing customers. In addition, this extra capacity will provide equipment to help minimize the effect of the changes in driver regulations and electronic log devices (ELD). We are currently working on establishing new dedicated runs in Richmond and the Mid-Atlantic region. Call now! Our Brokerage team is ready to assist you with your transportation needs.


Riverside’s Second Annual Chili Cook-off

January is a wonderful time for eating chili so four of Riverside’s employees brought in their homemade chili for the second annual Riverside Chili Cook-off.  This year a panel of judges decided the winner although everyone got to sample all the delicious recipes.  And for the second time in as many contests, Jennifer Rivera was selected as the winner and received the Golden Spoon Award for the best chili.  Also participating were Jackie Marolla, Bill Furr and Christine Hamlett.  Congratulations Jennifer!