2019 Looks Bright for The Ports of Virginia and Riverside Logistics!

The “State of the Port 2019” presented by John F. Reinhart, CEO and Executive Director of the Virginia Port Authority at the recent meeting of the Virginia Maritime Central Chapter was an exciting update. Below is a quick overview and a link to the update. This was an excellent presentation of the growth of the ports in Virginia and the positive effects on our economy.

Here are a few takeaways for RMT (Richmond Marine Terminals):

  • FY-2016 – 16,347 containers moved on the barge.
  • FY- 2019- Projection of 34,229 will be moving on the barge.  More than doubled from 3 years ago.
  • This will mean 34,229 trucks will be taken off the highway.
  • Second Barge is in Service for Daily Sailings
  • Container Staging drop lot will be completed by August of 2019. ( reduce potential for on-port demurrage)
  • 37 businesses announced they were locating or expanding their businesses in VA.

Link to the full presentation:


Riverside Logistics Competes in 2018 RVA LogistXGames!

Xgames pictureRiverside Logistics and ten other teams from a variety of companies in the Richmond area competed in the fourth annual RVA LogistXGames on Thursday April 26, 2018.  Sponsored by CBRE/Richmond, the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA) and the Virginia Port Authority, the event is designed to showcase the talents of employees in this business sector, as well as emphasize the importance of logistics and distribution to the region. The proceeds support workforce development programs available through the Community College Workforce Alliance. This year the games raised $20,000.

As in previous years, the competition was friendly but fierce in events like those performed daily in warehouse environments.  The Riverside team consisted of two men and two women who demonstrated their skills in events like the Pallet Puzzle Sprint, the Pallet Jack Relay, the Pick/Pack Hurdle and the Box Put.

SARA Logistics Games

The Riverside team won two events…the box decorating event for the Box Put and the Box Put event itself.  Sara DeLancy decorated the box, using her considerable artistic talents. Sara is a member of Riverside’s Transportation team.  Louis Watson successfully threw the box that Sara decorated the farthest of all the teams (over 48 feet) without breaking the three bottles carefully wrapped inside by team members Jogli Vega, Jennifer Rivera, and Cynthia Jackson.  Congratulations Captain Michael Kenny and to all the competitors!  We look forward to seeing you again next year!


Riverside Logistics’ certification has been renewed for three more years.

SWAMRiverside Logistics’ SWaM certification has been renewed for three more years. “The Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business (SWaM) certification program is a state program of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The purpose is to enhance procurement opportunities for SWaM businesses participating in state-funded projects.” It is administered by the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise (“DMBE”). Riverside Logistics qualifies as a small business independently owned and employing less than 250 employees. It was initially certified in 2009.

Riverside Logistics completes the installation and upgrade of Infor’s SCE Warehouse Management System

Riverside Logistics has completed implementation of Infor’s SCE 10.2 WMS product in all of its warehouses. As of December 2015, all shipping and storage customers in each of our three warehouse facilities have been successfully migrated over to the new Warehouse Management System (WMS) platform.

This is great news for all of our customers. They now will have access to the latest technology developed for Third Party Logistics providers. Infor’s SCE fully integrates all the capabilities and needs for warehouse management, including 3PL billing, and transportation management(TMS) under one platform.

Below are some key benefits our customers will realize from this installation:

  • Radio Frequency (RF) automation, providing faster, more accurate, inventory management activities, to reduce inventory levels when-ever and where-ever possible.
  • Real-time order status using an interactive web portal. This portal provides both standard canned reporting as well as ad hoc customer specific reporting capabilities. Customers have real time, critical data at their fingertips on demand all the time.
  • Advanced integration tools to upload master and transactional data quickly, allowing Business to Business data-sharing (EDI, flat-files, etc.) that reduce the cost of manual inputs and errors.
  • A fully integrated Transportation Management System (TMS) providing automated shipment creation and routing coupled to an optimization engine for lowest cost mode and carrier selection on all customer orders.

With this installation Riverside Logistics is providing all of its customer’s with state-of-the-art warehouse technology solutions that helps them lower their cost and improve the visibility and the efficiency of their inventories.

Riverside Logistics is licensed as a wholesale distributor of prescription drugs and/or devices in Virginia and in 32 other states.

As a third party logistics (3PL) provider, Riverside Logistics contracts with our customers to handle their warehousing and distribution needs. Some of our customer’s products require us to be licensed not only by our own state, but also by the states we ship our customer’s products. Riverside Logistics is licensed as a wholesale distributor of prescription drugs and/or devices in Virginia and in 32 other states.

Recently, federal legislation known as the Drug Supply Chain Security Act was passed which prohibited states from regulating 3PL’s as wholesale distributors. The FDA is currently developing federal standards for licensing 3PL’s which is expected to be completed in late November 2015. Two states, California and Florida, have already developed their own license requirements for 3PL’s and Riverside Logistics has begun the process of meeting those requirements and applying for the licenses.

Riverside Logistics will continue to monitor both federal and state licensure requirements to ensure we meet the necessary requirements to provide our customers with the most efficient, cost effective services available.